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Author Topic: Docear does not start
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Post Docear does not start
on: April 12, 2018, 02:08


I'm using the portable docear-version currently avaible for download as ZIP-file under

The installation directory is D:\Programme\docear-

First everything went find, but now docear refuses to start (the small start-up window appears, then nothing happens). The problem occurred the first time after I adjusted the shortcuts.

I've already tried to add an additional parameter to the command String in the bat-file that reads as follows “Dorg.freeplane.userfpdir=D:\Programme\docear-”. This did not solve the problem. Is the path I used maybe not the one docear stores its settings in?

Any ideas how to fix this problem?

Thank you for your feedback. Please note that we - the Docear team - currently do not have the time to answer support questions. However, we encourage all Docear users to help each other.

Posts: 2
Post Re: Docear does not start
on: April 12, 2018, 03:08

Okay, I solved the problem (although in a rough way).

Independent of the installation directory of docear, docear automatically creates a directory named\".docear\" under C:\\Users\\Whatever your username is
This directory contains, for example, backups of mind maps, log files and also the information which shortcuts were changed manually by the docear user.

Backups: C:\\Users\\username\\.docear\\.backup
Logfiles: C:\\Users\\username\\.docear\\logs
C:\\Users\\username\\.docear\\ribbons -> file

The above problem may occur if shortcuts have been changed in Docear and docear no longer knows for some reason where the directory where the shortcuts are stored is located.
The problem can be solved by deleting the directory C:\\Users\\username\\.docear and then restarting docear. When you restart docear, docear will think it\'s the first time you start it and give you the possibility to import existing projects again. Once you have done this (or opened a new project), docear recreates the.docear directory automatically under C:\\Users\\username and then knows again where it is.
However, the shortcuts and everything else stored in the.docear directory are gone. I would therefore recommend to set the shortcuts once and then make a copy of the file where the shortcuts are stored (this file is located in the directory C:\\Users\\username\\.docear\\ribbons -> file)

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