When should I send a feature request, bug report or question directly to the Freeplane team?

Docear is based on the mind mapping software Freeplane and whenever the Freeplane team is changing something in Freeplane we will automatically incorporate these changes into Docear (with a few weeks delay). We closely cooperate with the Freeplane team and agreed that Freeplane will focus on mind mapping functionality and we on PDF and reference management and the workspace. Therefore, if you have a feature request or find a bug that relates to the core mind mapping functionality, you can directly contact the Freeplane team. Some examples of such functionality is formatting nodes, printing, navigation in mind maps, time and calender management, or the search and filtering function.

Similarily, if you have a question that relates only to the mind mapping functionality (e.g. how to use floating nodes or the calender function, …) you might also ask the Freeplane team because we are not 100% familiar with all the functions that Freeplane offers. Of course, you can also ask us and if we can answer the question we will happily do.

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