Zotero can export its data to BibTeX BUT for whatever reason Zotero does not export the file names and paths. Therefore, Docear cannot analyse which BibTeX key is assigned to a PDF. Potential workarounds are

  1. Visit Zotero’s forum and support our request to include file names and paths in the exported BibTeX file (just register and post a “me too”)
  2. Consider using Docear’s integrated reference manager instead of Zotero. There is a tutorial on how to switch from Zotero to JabRef. Since Docear uses JabRef, this tutorial should work for Docear users as well. Feel free to let us know your experience.
  3. Use Mendeley as converter. Download Mendeley, go to Tools | Options… and pick Zotero / CiteULike and select your Zotero database. Mendeley will then permanentely create a BibTeX file (of course you have to start Mendeley from time to time). Read here how to set up Mendeley to create a BibTeX file automatically.
  4. A user of Zotero has created a solution that should work exactly as we need it for Docear (start reading from the post from Mar 16th 2012). However, it requires quit a bit of work and at least for some users it does not work at all.

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