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Author Topic: docear- (RC for public beta7) TOPIC CLOSED
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Post docear- (RC for public beta7)
on: October 26, 2012, 14:32
There is a bug which prevents some of our users to select any pdf reader.
We will release a fixed version in a new thread soon.

Thanks for your help with testing Docear!


Hello Docear community,

it nearly took us two months to create this latest experimental version of Docear. That's a lot and we were definitely NOT lazy. 🙂
I think the beta7 version of Docear introduces a very important feature for all researchers using our software. Finally me made it work and are proud to present:

The PDF Metadata Extraction

This feature enables you to automatically generate entries in Docear's integrated reference manager based on the pdf file you are using.

If you have a mind map node with one of your research papers attached, just drag&drop the pdf file to the reference manager's panel and a dialog will appear asking you whether you want to create a new existing entry, or update an existing entry based on the data fetched from the Docear services.

As you might recall, it has been possible previously to retrieve meta data in Docear, but the data was coming from Mr Dlib. However, this process was very very slow because the entire PDF was sent to Mr DLib where it was analyzed. In addition, the metadata-database of Mr Dlib was rather small.
Our own and new function is much faster and we have much more data in our own digital library, so chances are really high, that you get some good results! 🙂

It works like this:
A dialog will open showing the automatically extracted title of the paper. The extraction algorithm is still very simple but it already works pretty well. If the extracted title is not correct or if the authors or a subtitle is included in the extracted string, please manually fix it.
After confirming a request will be send to our digital library and the reference will be returned.

Please keep in mind: In order to use this service a request with the title will be send to our web service. This is currently only possible if you register yourself with the Docear services!
The necessary settings are accessible through "Tools">"Preferences ...">"Online Services">"Manage Docear service settings...").

And one more important information: each user is limited to 15 requests a day. This is for testing purposes and we are hoping to being able to raise this limit soon.

Other new features

  • We now include a link to an explanation on how to resolve the annoying duplicates issue which happens in BibTeX files extracted from Mendeley.
  • If you have any problems regarding the PDF-XChange-Viewer, you can extract and send it's settings to us for bug fixing. We hope that this will help us to further improve Docear's support for this very usefull tool.

Unfortunately we also have some bad news at least for our MacOS users:
We found out that both Preview and Skim on MacOS change the object numbers of annotations on save attempts, although the pdf 1.7 specification ( states on page 63:

"Together, the combination of an object number and a generation number
uniquely identifies an indirect object. The object retains the same object number
and generation number throughout its existence, even if its value is modified."

We are very unhappy about it, but we had no other option than to deactivate our support for both tools, since this means that we can't synchronize any annotations from or to the PDF files without running into a lot of conflicts, duplicates and other unwanted effects.
For now, the only pdf reader on MacOSX we know of, which supports pdf annotation and sticks to the PDF standard is the Acrobat reader.
If you have any suggestions on how to get the PDF-XChange Viewer running on MacOS (maybe using PlayOnMac) or if you know about another reader, please don't hesitate and tell us about it!

New features include:
#621 PDF Metadata Extraction
#627 action to automatically export and send the windows registry to Docear for bug fixing
#661 Tell users how to resolve the duplicated entries issue in BibTeX files created by Mendeley
#549 Internal: Adjust webservices to notify "old" users about new version

feature enhancements include:
#651 use one method to open all library maps
#625 double check PDF-XCV compatibility settings
#665 Recognize linked PDFs based on Hash (content based) rather then file name
#674 Typo in welcome map
#613 Installation path wrong in about dialog
#656 change default preferences of JabRef
#612 Updated to the latest source code of Freeplane
#565/#587 Recommendations improved

bug fixes include:
#650 recommended documents stored on a ftp side could not be downloaded
#637 splmm files have been converted withput permission when opened in the background
#657 NPE occured after starting Docear with completely new settings

other changes:
#667 remove smart pdf viewer selection for Skim and Preview on MacOS

If you want to read more, you can find the complete list of all closed tickets here:
If you are interested in what we plan to implement next, please have a look here:

Testing and improving Docear
Please help us testing this experimental version of Docear! Our developer team is still very small, so we really depend on your help to improve Docear.
But please keep in mind that this version is experimental. It's always a good idea to keep a backup of your data.
If you find any bugs, please report them at our bug reports board:
If you have any ideas of how to improve Docear, have questions about the functionality or just want to let us know what you think about Docear or some of it's features, please tell us here:

We already have some users which are providing patches to us. If you want to be involved in the Docear development, please contact us: ">

Downloading this version of Docear:

Linux users should use:

The windows installer version is available at:
Windows users who don't want to install Docear should use:

The MacOS versions can be found at:

A version with both the linux and windows executable files can be found at:

You can download the source code for this experimental release at:
Or get the latest source code by following the instructions in our developers manual:

Thanks for your support, thanks for all your reports and suggestions, thanks for your patches and thanks for using Docear!


Stefan Langer
Product Management & Research
Docear - The Academic Literature Suite


Thank you for your feedback. Please note that we - the Docear team - currently do not have the time to answer support questions. However, we encourage all Docear users to help each other.

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