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Author Topic: docear- (release candidate 3 for final 1.0 version) TOPIC CLOSED
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Post docear- (release candidate 3 for final 1.0 version)
on: August 29, 2013, 10:51

Hello Guys,

some may have already read the news on our blog. There is a new version of Docear available. It is the 3rd and probably last release candidate before we release our first official 1.0 version of Docear.

RC3 has a lot of small fixes and tweaks and also some very useful new features:

Maximize map view
With the new ribbon design of Docear, the workspace panel and the reference manager list, a lot of space is substracted from the actual mind map view. This can be rather annoying, since you are probably working with the mind maps most of the time.
To enable you to use Docear's full potential while keeping distraction to a minimum we have created the "Maximize map view" action which is bound to the <TAB> key by default. When you press it, all of the non-mind-map-components will be minimized in a blink. After pressing <TAB> again, there previous state will be restored.
Please give it a try and tell us what you think about it. 🙂


Improved monitoring concept
When you create a new project you will realize, that we have merged the "Incoming" and "Literature and annotations" map. After using Docear's monitoring feature a new node "Incoming" will created inside of the "Literature and Annotations map" with all new annotations and PDF files. This way you can directly drag and drop your PDF files to the right location without switching betweens maps.
Have you wondered about the new icons used in the screenshot above? Docear will now visually distinguish between PDF files, PDF annotations and other links.
Some of the actions are only available on PDF file links (like import new annotations) while others are only available on annotations (like opening the affiliated PDF file on the page where the annotation was created). None of Docears PDF related features are available to e.g. Excel sheets linked on a node.
The new version of Docear also shows the difference between "normal" node attributes and references added to a node.

The following enhancements to existing features were made:

  • Made library unremovable
  • integrated missing PDF management actions into the ribbon
  • Store workspace settings after major changes
  • Demo mind maps are available again
  • Some "Help" links were updated
  • Recommendation screen adjusted to size of ribbons
  • "Show in reference manager" action now opens reference window if it was hidden
  • Icons added for most entries in the ribbons

Bugfixes include the following:

  • map links were not updated after renaming a PDF repository folder
  • Duplicate web link detection feature deleted ALL urls from bib file
  • ribbon was not displayed correctly on some computers
  • "Check for updates" action did not show a message under certain circumstances
  • Font size could not be changed on MacOSX computers
  • PDF viewer could not be changed in MacOSX computers
  • Moving a file deleted it under special circumstances
  • "My New Paper" contained invalid annotations
  • custom entry type warning was shown on every start of Docear
  • fixed a bug which could cause broken PDF links in JabRef
  • Action "Follow link" did not use PDF viewer settings of Docear
  • "Remove Line Breaks from Annotation" feature did not work

For a complete list of what we have changed in RC3, please refer to:

Using MacOS' Preview application in Docear
With our new Annotation importing concept Docear supports annotations created by the "Preview" application of MacOSX. However, we strongly recommend you to use Adobe instead. Preview corrupts PDF files on a regular basis:

Some interesting sentences about Preview on the Adobe support forums (

In short, the Preview application on the Mac (as of version 5.0.3) corrupts PDF forms in a number of ways. Preview does not correctly create form field appearances, causing data in fields not to be shown at all, or shown incorrectly.

They have a script to correct some of these issues. But they also state:

It is important to understand that this script does not correct all of the corruption that Preview causes. No script is able to do that.

After reading this we played around with Preview and found out that it basically deletes all data from the PDF it does not understand after re-arranging items during file saving. It even deletes annotation IDs (supported since the PDF 1.4 standard) and also XMP meta data, which is actually seriously wrong.
You can use Preview in Docear, but I strongly recommend to use Adobe Reader or Adobe Professional instead. Using Preview you might run into conflicts or corrupt your PDF files, as soon as you create annotations and save them.

Downloading Docear
The RC3 version of Docear is still not stable, so please be careful and keep backups of your files. We hope that are serious bugs (from the RC1 version) are fixed, but it is always good to keep backups.

Windows users should use:

Linux users should use:

MacOS users can download the RC3 version here:

A combines All-OS version is also available:

You can download our source code here:
or by directly using the "ribbon" branch of our GitHub repository:

If you find bugs our want to help us with your feedback, please use:

We are also very happy about any volunteers helping us to improve Docear. If you want to become a part of our team, please send an email to .

Thanks for all your help and feedback! We could not have done it without you!

I will go through your unanswered reports very soon.

Best regards and again thank you very much,

Stefan Langer
Product Management & Research
Docear - The Academic Literature Suite


Thank you for your feedback. Please note that we - the Docear team - currently do not have the time to answer support questions. However, we encourage all Docear users to help each other.

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