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Author Topic: problem with APA style (first name included)
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Post problem with APA style (first name included)
on: May 24, 2016, 16:19

I am using apastyle 6th edition. In some of the in-text references the first name of the author is included, e.g., (Robert M. Groves et al., 2006) and in some it is not. However, it is not desired that the first name is included. I cannot find any differences between the entries with the first name and those without.
I am using Jabref as an literature editor. The bibtex code for the example is the following:

author = {Groves, Robert M. and Couper, Mick P. and Presser, Stanley and Singer, Eleanor and Tourangeau, Roger and Acosta, Giorgina Piani and Nelson, Lindsay},
year = {2006},
title = {{E}xperiments in {P}roducing {N}onresponse {B}ias},
journal = {{P}ublic {O}pinion {Q}uarterly},
volume = {70},
number = {5},
pages = {720-736},
doi = {10.1093/poq/nfl036},
eprint = {},
file = {:Groves2006b.pdf:PDF},
url = {},

I would be happy if anyone could help me! Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your feedback. Please note that we - the Docear team - currently do not have the time to answer support questions. However, we encourage all Docear users to help each other.

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Post Re: problem with APA style (first name included)
on: May 28, 2016, 00:34

Do you have different references with the same author? If one has initials and the other the name spelled out in full - it will think they are 2 different people.

E.g., If you have \"Robert M Groves\" for one reference and another \"R M Groves\" - it will think they are different. They need to all be the same - either \"R M Groves\" or \"Robert M Groves\".

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Post Re: problem with APA style (first name included)
on: May 30, 2016, 08:42

Dear Josh,

thank you very much for the helpful hint! I standardized the spelling for one author and it works.

Best Ines

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