Your branch

  • Please choose your download branch of Docear after opening the Bazaar Explorer. If you don’t have a branch you should read the “Importing & Compiling” page.

General 01

  • After opening the branch you see a brief summary of all the changes you have made to the branch, including
    • unversioned files,
    • edited files,
    • and removed files

General 02

Reviewing and committing changes

  • You can see a full review of all your changes by selecting “Diff” from the shortcut bar at the top of the window.

bzr diff

  • By selecting “Add” from the shortcut bar or “Bazaar” you can add new files to your local branch of Docear’s code repository.

bzr add

  • By selecting “Commit” from the shortcut bar you can commit your changes to your local branch.

bzr ci

  • You can see what changes have been made to Docear’s code repository by selecting “Log” from the shortcut bar.

bzr log

Reverting changes

  • You can reset any unversioned changes you have made to your local branch by selecting “Bazaar” > “Work” > “Revert Working Tree” from the menu bar. If you select this option, your branch will be reverted to it’s last commited version.

bzr revert

  • If you have already committed changes to your repository which you want to revert, please do so by selecting “Bazaar”> “Work” > “Uncommit Revisions…” from the menu bar.

bzr uncommit

Updating your branch

  • You can keep your branch up to date by regularly merging with the official Docear branch. Select “Merge” from the shortcut bar. You can even merge if you have made changes to your branch which you do not want to commit previously.

bzr merge

  • After merging with the code repository, all changes since your last merge will be visible in your bazaar explorer window as well as the last commit message. You can commit your merged branch anytime if there are no conflicts.

bzr merge

Resolving Conflicts

  • If you have made changes to a file which has also been changed on the official branch since your laste merge, the file will be marked as conflicting.

bzr resolve

  • To resolve the conflict you can refresh the sources of your workspace and open the specific file. Every conflicting part in the file is seperated into two parts. The first shows your changes to the file between the “<<<<<<< TREE” and “=======” markers. The second area shows the changes which have been made to the code by another developer between the “=======” and the “>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE” markers. You can now change the marked area manually and save the file.

bzr resolve

  • After you have resolved the conflicts in the source code, click on the warning triangle in your Bazaar Explorer window, then right-click on the conflicting file you have fixed and select “Mark as resolved”. After all conflicts have been resolved, you can commit the changes to your branch.

bzr resolve