Docear’s Online Services Are Down (Recommendation; User Registration; Backup)

Currently, all of Docear’s online services are down. This means, you cannot register, log-in to download backups, or receive recommendations. As we have very limited time right now for the development of Docear, we are afraid that we won’t be able to fix this problem soon. However, we adjusted the upcoming version of Docear (v1.2) to dynamically deal with this situation.┬áThis means, as long as the services are down, the recommendation button is not shown and the┬áregistration dialog is not shown when installing Docear for the first time. As soon as the services are up again, all the buttons etc. are automatically shown again.

Probably, we will not activate the current recommender system again, but integrate Mr. DLib, which is a recommender system as a service.

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