20 comments to Howto: Import references from webpages (e.g. PubMed, IEEE, ACM, …)

  • tedus

    Well – guess this could be improved.
    I am a lazy zotero user – and the one click (well sometimes it does not work) solution + possiblility to automatically add pdfs that come with the article is a killer feature in my opinion.
    Although i don’t like the zotero stores the pdf in its own file structure.

  • Michelle

    Can you add several references at a time? I have to add about 2000 references. I hope that the only way is NOT to add one at a time

  • Konstantinos

    How do I import 15 references from the pubmed clipboard?
    Do I repeat the process for each one?


  • Hasan

    I think, it is a bit difficult way to solve database result import. That’s why it is not effective solution especially when the people would like to make a review article. People must find more effective way to import article into docear.

  • Hasan

    How can I import more than one reference from the same data base, If I have to do same repetitive process for each reference its too difficult. I can produce bibtex, but when I copy from notepad to paste in docear, it doesn’t accept multiple entry. How can I solve multiple entry problem.

  • Lone

    How do I create or import references from electronic sources that don’t use BibTeX? Examples would be grey literature, online newspaper articles, YouTube videos, etc. When I create a new entry in Docear, the BibTeX code is the only required information.

  • The_Kite_Runner

    I want to extraxt bibliographic metadata, but I can’t open the scraping service

  • Juan Pablo

    Hi Michelle,

    Did you resolve your problem?

    I need also download multiple references for instance more than 2000

  • Hassan Iqbal

    Docear is not picking reference when I click on lookup. It was working fine suddenly error appear and after that it is not working

  • Antonio

    Definitely tris is a necessary tool.
    There are several possible situations:

    A) I have all references I want to add to docear in bibtex format in an unique bib file.
    B) I have a bunch of pdf files but no reference at all. Not even a list of the titles.
    C) I have a list with the names of my bunch of pdfs.

    In case A) all i have to do is to merge my bib file with the bib file of my docear project. Make the association with pdfs afterwards.
    In case B) the only hope hoy now is using docear importer from Google scholar with the pdf detector of the title docear uses (is does not work for me anymore.
    In case C) you can construct a script that connects with Google scholar and download the references in bibtex format. This reduce us to the case A)

    For me a good tool would consist in having the script in latter case. And not only for Google scholar but for the main web of references as for ex amplíe arxiv.

  • Jeroen

    Interesting tool this is. The lack of a one-click option to import references from a publisher’s page or scholar, including the automatic downloading and storing of the PDF, is what is preventing me from trying it out.

  • Stefano

    My technique is to open up the .bib file for a docear project in jabref and use jabref’s Web Search functionality to import the reference. When you then save the .bib database in jabref, the changes will be reflected in docear.

  • mfries

    Where does docear store the .bib files? I’m having trouble finding them..

  • Clemens


    in the beginning of this year I used Docear and was able to drag and drop downloaded citations to the reference section in docear. They were opened and treated as a new bibtex database and I could just copy the entry to my projects bibtex database. I tried this with the most recent version for linux and also for windows, but it doesn’t work anymore. Did you change this on purpose, or was I just luckly using a bug so far?



  • Salma Mzoughi

    i would ask you about the dataset Docear in the field “computer science”, i contacte you because Docear is the best in the research articles fields. I houpe that you help me, i’m a research master student and i need this database for my research and my experimentations validation

  • tursun Wali

    I have few electronic sources like http://www.mathworks.com , http://www.cgv.edu.my/normalization.html, http://www.dropbox.com/peakings.mat,... so on.
    I want them to appear in my references list. But they did not . I found that numbers are shown ( it is IEEE format), but nothing elese.

    I might missing something, please instruct me!

    thank you

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