3 comments to Preview of Docear 1.1 with PDF Metadata Retrieval from Google Scholar

  • Frank

    “If Docear’s licence (GPL) is not suitable for your project, let us know. We have no problem to release the code under another open source licence such as Apache or whatsoever. ”

    Personally would like that the code is released under the GPL, because my small Donation was intended to support Docear under the GPL.

    For future donation campaigns please make the form of intended Licence clearer, or even better stick to the GPL. Because the GPL makes the publication of the source code obligatory and so could the code be reused/reviewed… by the programming community.

    • The source code is released under GPL. However, if there is a project using e.g. the Apache Licence, why should we not additionally release the source code that we wrote under Apache Licence? Or another open source licence? Maybe, I should have made that clearer. I will modify my post…

  • gutzhr

    How to revise the website of Google Scholar?

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