Docear4LibreOffice / Docear4OpenOffice: Call for Donation (2500$)

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One of our users’ most requested feature is an add-on for LibreOffice and OpenOffice, similar to Docear4Word, which allows adding formatted references and bibliographies in Microsoft Word based on Docear’s BibTeX files. Unfortunately, we have no skills in developing add-ons for Libre or OpenOffice, which is why we were looking for a freelancer to help us. Now, finally, we found one. The freelancer is offering to develop a pendant to Docear4Word that works with LibreOffice and OpenOffice. This means, you will be able to select a reference from Docears’ BibTeX database, and the add-on will insert the in-text citation and the bibliography in your Libre/OpenOffice document. Analog to Docear4Word, you will be able to choose from more than 2,000 citation styles to format your references.

However, the freelancer is not developing the add-on for free. He asks for 2500 US$ (~1,900€), which we believe to be a fair price. Therefore, we kindly ask you to donate, so we can pay the freelancer to develop a Docear4Libre/OpenOffice. Of course, the add-on will be open-source, reading not only Docear’s BibTeX files but also BibTeX files of other BibTeX based reference managers. The freelancer already developed a simple proof-of concept (see screenshot), which uses citeproc-java to add BibTeX based references. As such, we have no doubts that the freelancer will be able to deliver the promised add-on — if we can collect enough money.

The freelancer’s is already working on the add-on and his goal is to finish it in the next two months or so. However, as long as we cannot pay him, he will not release the add-on, even if he has finished his work (and if he learns that there are no donations coming, he might decide to stop his work at any time). Therefore, if you want a Docear4Libre/OpenOffice, please donate now! Donate 1$, 5$, 10$, 50$ or 500$ — any contribution matters, and the sooner we have all the money, the sooner you can manage your BibTeX references in LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Donate via PayPal, or, to save PayPal fees, make a SEPA bank transfer to Docear, IBAN DE18700222000020015578, BIC FDDODEMMXXX. SEPA bank transfers are free of charge within the European Union.






We will keep you posted on the amount of donations, and any important news.

week 1 (2014-03-11/17): $10 donated
week 2 (2014-03-18/24): $34 donated
week 3 (2014-03-25/31): $73 donated
week 4 (2014-04-01/07): $36 donated
week 5 (2014-04-08/15): $131 donated
week 6 (2014-04-16/22): $0 donated
week 7 (2014-04-23/30): $25 donated
week 8 (2014-05-01/07): $10 donated
week 9 (2014-05-08/14): $150 donated
week 10 (2014-05-15/21): $20 donated
week 11 (2014-05-22/28): $165 donated
week 12 (2014-05-29/06-04): $20 donated
week 13 (2014-06-05/06-11): $76 donated
week 14 (2014-06-12/06-18): $63 donated
week 15 (2014-06-19/06-25): 94$ donated
week 16 (2014-06-26/07-03): 42$ donated
week 17 (2014-07-04/07-10): 62$ donated
week 18 (2014-07-11/07-17): 32$ donated
week 19 (2014-07-18/07-24): 113$ donated
week 20 (2014-07-25/08-02): 32$ donated
week 21 (2014-08-03/08-09): 25$ donated
week 22 (2014-08-10/08-16): 0$ donated
week 23 (2014-08-17/08-23): 27$ donated
week 24 (2014-08-24/08-30): 21$ donated
week 25 (2014-08-31/09-06): 23$ donated
week 26 (2014-09-07/09-13): 55$ donated
week 26 (2014-09-14/09-20): 18$ donated
recent weeks (2014-09-15/10-23): 48$ donated

$1,405 donated – $1,095 are still missing!

Update 2014-07-14: In a previous version we wrote that ‘’ would match each donation, so we would only need $1,250 in donations. Unfortunately, the founder of experienced some trouble which made him withdraw his offer. This means, we need the full amount of $2,500. However, the freelancer who develops the add-on agreed to publish a first test version soon and this version should offer the most important features. We are still in discussion whether this version will be offered for free, or as shareware. However, if you have already donated, or donate before we publish the first test version, you definitely will get the version for free (and all future versions). We will keep you posted…

Update 2014-07-20: Although we collected less than half the money so far, the freelancer agreed to work on the add-on. We created three milestones, and as soon as the first milestone is reached, we will release a first alpha version of Docear4Libre/OpenOffice (and will pay $500 for it).

Update 2014-08-13: Sorry for the slow progress. The developer was ill for quite a while but now continues his work. We hope to release a first alpha version soon!

Update 2014-08-25: Only five more tickets to do before we release the first test version

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