Docear4Word 1.2 released with some bug fixes

Today we released Docear4Word 1.2. It contains a few bug fixes. More precisely, we upgraded to the latest citeproc-js version which should fix some ordering problems. In addition, there was a bug that prevented to add the issue number of a reference into the bibliography. That is fixed now.  Here is the detailed change log:

– CiteProcRunner gets citeproc.js version on first use

– Added Null checks for <field>.Code.Text to ContainsBibliography, EnumerateCSLFields, IsDocearField, IsCitationField, IsBibliographyField

– AboutForm now displays the citeproc.js version number

– Updated citeproc.js to 1.0.474 which fixes some major integration issues

– Issue and Number Tags: If only one present in BibTex then is propagated to both Issue and Number in CSL

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