Experimental Releases: Test the latest features of Docear

So far, rather few people try out our experimental versions. Therefore, I would like to use the chance making some advertisement for them :-). Before we release a new version on http://www.docear.org/software/download/we always release at least one experimental version (usually two or three).  They are not necessarily worse than the final releases. Usually they contain many bug fixes, but often many new bugs, too. So, on average experimental versions are as buggy as the “normal” versions. But they have one big advantage – they contain new features. The current experimental version, for instance, supports Zotero’s BibTeX format. So, as a Zotero user you should definitely try out the new experimental version. Another major improvement is the PDF reader selection. Docear recognizes Adobe Reader (Professional), Foxit PDF Reader, PDF X-change Viewer, Skim, and Preview and let you select your preferred one. Docear even changes the settings for PDF X-change Viewer, so that all kind of annotations (highlighted text, bookmarks and sticky notes) are correctly recognized. And there is another new feature which is proxy support. If you are using in a university or company, it could happen that you cannot use our online services such as backup. Now, you can enter a proxy server and use all online services.

So, we would be glad, if as many users as possible look at the experimental releases, and give us feedback. If you register on sourceforge you can also subscribe to the forum and will be notified automatically about new versions.

3 comments to Experimental Releases: Test the latest features of Docear

  • james roughton

    Here is what I see.

    If I delete a file or a move a folder in my directory and run Docear, it does not reflect the change on the map.

    Also, If I rename the folder, it create a new folder with the new name and does not delete the old folder.

    I am guess that the changes you make in your directories should reflect in the mindmap.

    Am I missing something?

  • Hi James,

    please can you explain in more detail? Where exactly (workspace? windows explorer? …?) do you rename what item (folder, file, node, …)? And what happens (or should happen)?

    Thank you

  • james roughton

    As I have been learning the system better, I think that I now understand how the system works better. You have helped me via email and I think that I have a better grasp on the system now.

    As always, thanks for your help.

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